We Can Do This

On January 4th 2016 I started my First half of the winter semester with three classes. I will have my finals in the first week of March and that same week I will be starting my next two classes for the second half of the Winter term. All of my classes are 7 weeks long. That means triple the work than having a traditional semester. One would think that through having a full time job and a 1 year old to take care of as well as a dog and house chores my grades would be suffering!

Nope! Not this girl! I have managed to have 100% in one class and 98% on the other two classes. What does this mean? It means that come the week of finals I have some leeway. My exams will count for 20-30% of my final grade. Does that mean that  I won’t try and be satisfied with a C? HELL No! It just means that I can do it, and so can YOU!

My past week has been horrible! My son had a viral infection that kept him in and out of fevers and myself out of work for 4 days. That’s where your mommy / employee guilt kicks in and it kicks in hard. I have been trying hard to gain enough days to be able to have a vacation this year. Of course I want to be able to be a great employee and never call in sick or off UNLESS it is an actual EMERGENCY. This was an emergency. He needed me more than my coworkers needed me. They are Amazing at what they do and I know they could handle it. He was not happy, his screaming bouts lasted three hours with no breaks! I wanted to jump out of my own window… but, I just took some deep breaths and just tried to be there for him. He would kick and cry and scream and push me away, but if I walked away he would turn 100 times worse and reach out to me….. Ummm… did you just not push me away but you want me to be here…. I was confused. Truth is he is a toddler and the only way he can express himself is through his body and developing voice. It’s not his fault, nor mine that he can’t tell me exactly what’s wrong.  All I could do was tell my boss that I needed to stay with him. My husband and I probably had a total of 13 hours of sleep that whole week.

Friday came and my mother in law was off for the weekend. YES!!!! This means we can get some sleep and I can finish or get ahead with school work. Thank God for Parents! We went over to their house, of course the drive there was brutal with an aching child and my inanity running low. Instead of locking myself in the guest room I sat down and logged into my school. I finished about three big assignments and got one week ahead. That night I went to sleep at 1am. I was able to get some sleep last night from 2am to 1230pm! Yes I was shocked when I checked my phone! We are now home and since I saw that I had some free time I decided I could get back to writing!

My whole take on this week and the past two months is; Like I stated before, it’s all about how your prioritize your life.  You have to compromise some things, but remember that no one is going to make things happen but you! How easy would it have been for me to put school on hold or take just one class this semester and finish my degree later? Would I be happy? NO. I know what I am capable of and if all of my courses would be offered in the same semester I would take up to 8 classes at once. That’s just who I am. I do think I am a little crazy, but it’s just that I am not afraid of a challenge.

IMG_20160120_201415I could have waited to have a child, finished my degree scored a nice job and then started a family, but I wanted him NOW. So regardless of anyone’s opinion on your life, do what makes you happy and what you know you can handle. If it’s worth it to you, nothing else matters.


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